About Us

Our Philosophy…

Health takes precedence over all!

Our Story…

Through the last century the human race has endured many viruses and pathogens; while some were eradicated over time, many became part of our lives as did the ensuing health problems and diseases.

The year 2020 was a wake-up call for the entire planet. We saw, in rather an extreme manner,  how susceptible we are and how comprised our immune system is due to the contaminants, additives, harmful chemicals, and toxins that we consume and use daily.

Over the last thirty years, I have personally experienced the ill-effects of it all. I believe that contamination is all pervasive and is doing us grave harm, leaving us vulnerable to many diseases and allergies. 

Where lies the solution then? 

Our body is like a car, the more shabbily we treat it, the sooner it will cease to run. In the same way, the more toxins we put in our body the easier it is for the viruses and pathogens to attack and break us.

Today, we have healthier alternatives to everything. So, why don’t we, for a start toss out the harmful and toxic products?

I know it is easier said than done because these alternates are not readily available, not all at one place, at least. 

Since the pace of our lives is so hectic we tend to take the easier route and compromise our health in the bargain. 

Over the years I have sourced natural and toxin-free food and personal care products for my family and me, it hasn’t been easy. I have had to spend a lot of time studying each product to verify its authenticity. The products we needed were never available at one place which only made it more time consuming and exhausting.

livvsafe.com is an endeavour to help us to live a better, healthier and wholesome life by providing as many healthy and safe products as we can, all at one place.

Our Journey so far …..

While livvsafe.com was being conceptualised, we were hit with COVID-19, and I realised that there was a flood of PPE products, produced and made ready to sell overnight, with the natural instinct of the ‘gold rush’. 

I decided to pivot and launch livvsafe.com with a curated range of safety products that were reliably manufactured and sourced. In a short time we acquired retail and corporate clients who relied on our self-acquired knowledge in the PPE space. We helped them make informed choices so they bought quality PPE that would protect and keep them safe.

We are currently in the next phase of our journey and are in the process of  curating a range of Heath, Care, Food, and Safety Products.

Our Mission .. To be the largest marketplace for safe and toxin-free Health, Care, Food and Safety products in India.

Our Promise…Team LIVVSafe and I are committed to researching and evaluating every single product that we promote and sell, to ensure it is natural and safe. 

Let our commitment make it convenient for you to source all your needs from one place and switch to a healthier lifestyle.

We take health very seriously as that is all we really have!

Help us to help you define a healthy future for you and yours.

Gautam Ramchandani
Founder of LIVVSafe