Infrared Heating Systems

Double Panelled
Especially designed bedrooms and living rooms

Plug and Play | Infrared Technology
Works 24/7
Saves up to 80% energy
Does Not Dry the Indoor Air
Eradicates Fungus & Bacteria
Consumes Only : 400 Watts (0.4 kw) per hour
Fire & Water Resistant : IP-54/67
Wall mounted / Kept on the Floor
Surface Painting


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What are Infrared Heating Systems ?
Infrared is a Safe Form of Electromagnetic Radiation, that generates heat similar to the heat generated from the Sun rays. Its the same principle that is used in infrared heating lamps for pain management.

How Does it Work ?
The LIVVAir’s IRHS has a dual heating system.
1. The infrared warms up the objects, and the walls in the room, there by increasing the temperature of the Ambient Indoor Air.
2. The specially designed panel(s) emit warmth, and act as a catalyst warming the Ambient Indoor Air.

How does it Save Energy?
Based on area of the Indoor Spaced its insulation, the LIVVAir’s IRHS will take between 3 to 6 hrs to reach an ideal indoor temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. Once the ideal ambient temperature is reach the thermostat shall automatically switch off.
It will take about 1 hours for the temperate to drop by 1 degree and about eight to ten minutes for it to climb back to 22 degrees.
This is based on the assumption that the out side temperated is between 5 and -5 degrees celsius.
There by saving between 70% and up to 80% electricity consumption

Wall Mounted 
Ideally the LIVVAir’s IRHS should be wall mounted.
It can also be kept on the floor, but the best results are once it wall mounted.
Additionally one can paste any design, graphic or painting digitally printed on the surface to make the unit attractive

Does Not Dry the Air
The Infrared Technology prevents for the indoor ambient air from drying up, and does not effect the oxygen content in the air. Thereby keeping the indoor space comfortable at all times. 

Health Benefits
The Infrared Technology helps with sanitising the air. As it helps maintains the ambient indoor temperature, which results in preventing micro bacteria, pathogen and viruses from germination. Additional it helps with prevention mildew and fungus as it keep the walls and corners dry.

Case Studies
The IRHS, has been successfully test in places like Srinagar, Kargil, Leh and Chang La Pass going up to an altitude of 17590 feet. Where the outdoor temperature was down to to -15 degrees celsius.

Patents & Certifications
Patents: Russia, India
Certifications: CE, RoHS, ISO 9001:2015

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Up to 400 sq. ft. of air tight indoor space.

Power Consumption

Only 1200 watts or 1.2 KW
Once the ambient temperature has been reached, they're after only 120 Watts every 2 hrs.

Key Features

Plug and Play, Infrared Technology
Works 24 x 7
Saves up to 80% energy
Does Not Dry the Indoor Air
Eradicates Fungus & Bacteria
Water & Fire Resistant: IP-54 & IP57

Surface Temperature

The surface of the unit is ideally between 77 & 86 degrees celsius.


220-240 volts.
Can be specially manufactured for 120 volts as well.


Comes with a 5 year replacement Guarantee. Plus an extended Warranty of 2 years.
The Thermostat comes with a 1 year replacement warranty.


18 kgs


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